Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Holiness is Wholeness: It has Moved!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the inconvenience. My blog has moved to http://definitionofholy.blogspot.com/.
Simply click on this link to go to it.

The first reason it was moved is because most people who want to know the definition of holy in the Bible begin by searching for the word holy and not the word holiness. What I really want to do is to accurately define the word holy.

The second reason it was moved is that I want to join in that pursuit of defining holy accurately and I want to be objective about it. Holiness is wholeness seems to presume a conclusion. I want to accurately portray my objectivity, even if not all reach my conclusion.

The third reason it was moved is because internet searches using the word holy did not arrive at my blog, unless you also used the word wholeness or unless you searched very deeply into the search engine's results. So it came up very quickly and was high on the list, only if a person searched using the words holiness and wholeness, but too few people would have searched out the meaning of holy that way.

The new blog has all the content of the old. So nothing has been lost in the long haul and much will be gained. God's blessings on your day.

In Christ,

Pastor Jon